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Corporate Donation Gift Match

*** If your company offers donation match but requires an employee to nominate the organization first, please contact us at We will help provide all the necessary info to get through the nomination and activation. Thanks in advance. ***


About Harvey Green Elementary PTA

  • Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with Federal Tax ID # 94-3216305.

Corporate Donation Gift Match

  • Many companies give back to the community through Corporate Donation Gift Match, which may help double or even triple your donations to non-profit organizations such as our PTA or school. Some companies also offer volunteer hour match. Please contact your HR and find out about the conditions and procedure.
  • Check out the Employee Gift Matching Company Directory

Harvey Green PTA on GuideStar Database

Harvey Green PTA on BrightFunds ( synced to GuideStar )

Harvey Green PTA on Benevity

  • Companies using Benevity as the donation match portal: Google, Oracle, Apple, Yahoo, etc..
  • The account for Harvey Green PTA at is ready for accepting easy donation match.
  • Harvey Green PTA's profile page on Benevity:
  • If you would like to support Harvey Green PTA, you could make donations by checks and then request donation match from there. Or you can make donations directly through Benevity.
  • Your donations and/or company match through Benevity will be deposited to PTA's bank account directly by EFT after any surcharge/fee.

Harvey Green PTA on (synced to CyberGrants )

  • PTA's account on is ready for accepting donations and matches. 

Harvey Green PTA on Cybergrants

  • PTA's account on Cybergrants is ready for accepting donation matches.

Harvey Green PTA on

  • PTA's account on is ready for accepting donation matches.

Harvey Green PTA on Facebook Payments

  • PTA account on Facebook Payments is ready for accepting donations made directly on the "Donate" button or Fundraisers. 

Please email if you have any questions or need documents such as the proof of PTA's non-profit 501(c)(3) status to initiate donation match request. Thanks for your support.