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Innovative Education Grant

Harvey Green PTA Innovative Education Grant Program: 2020-2021

The Harvey Green PTA is proud to announce its Innovative Education Grant Program for the 2020-2021 school year. The purpose of this grant is to assist teachers and staff members in creating innovative educational experiences for their students. This program offers funds for a teacher(s) and staff member with a vision that would transform the educational experience of children in the (virtual) classroom or at the school. This program offers $600 award to be divided among multiple projects, with each individual grant not exceeding $300.

Program Requirements:

  1. This program is open to all Harvey Green teachers and staff members who are also members of the Harvey Green PTA.
  2. The grant funds must be used to provide enhanced or innovative educational experiences to the students, and their use must also fit with school and district guidelines.
  3. All funding must be used by May 15, 2021. Unused fund will be forfeited.
  4. Grants may be used for materials, programs and projects that enhance the education of students. These may include curricular and extracurricular opportunities. Grants cannot be used for purposes of replenishing classroom supplies or holding classroom parties.
  5. Grant amounts must include tax and shipping, and a cost estimate for each item to be purchased as part of the grant proposal.
  6. Requests for hardware/software can be considered if first approved by the FUSD.
  7. Grants are offered until funds are depleted for the budgeted school year.
  8. Applicant may be asked to provide additional information to support the request.
  9. All purchases become property of Harvey Green Elementary.