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Project - Petition for a New MUR at Harvey Green

Dear Harvey Green families,

We, a group of parents/students/teachers/staff, plan to join FUSD School Board Meeting at 7pm Tomorrow (5/24/2017) to make our request of building a new MUR for Harvey Green. 

If you have not signed the petition form yet, please take a minute to sign it at the office by tomorrow noon. 

Please join our group to the meeting tomorrow to show your support. 

Where: 4210 Technology Dr, Fremont, CA 94538. The meeting is located at PDC, inside the North-side entrance of the district building.
If you plan to be a speaker, please email us today to confirm and make sure to arrive before the session, preferably by 6:30pm or 6:45pm the latest to allow enough time to park, find the room, fill out and submit the "orange speaker card".
If you plan to join us and stand behind our speakers, please arrive by 7:00pm and find our group inside.
Please wear a Harvey Green T-shirt if you have one to show our unity.