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PTA Positions for 2023-2024

Join the PTA BoardBeing part of the PTA Executive Board is a great way to contribute to Ardenwood.  We need volunteers to fill some chair positions for the 2023-2024 year!  We rely on parent volunteers like you to be successful in providing the most support for our school.

What Does the PTA Board Do?

The PTA Board is responsible for engaging with the school community, planning activities, creating educational environment opportunities for students, families, and teachers, and fundraise to provide support for our school.

What is the Time Commitment?

The PTA Board meets once a month and participation is strongly encouraged.  Volunteer time for the different roles and activities vary and is completely dependent on individual’s availabilities.  Some commitments are concentrated while some are spread out throughout the year.

Is Experience Necessary?

No experience is necessary at all!  You will be in contact with past and/or current board members who can and will provide as much support and insight for each role as needed.  There is also free training and support from the Fremont Council PTA, Peralta District PTA, and California PTA. There is a lot of knowledge and experience on the to draw from.

What if I Don't See Any Positions that Speaks to My Talent/Interest[s]?

There is always room to grow!  Chair positions are not set in stone so if you have a different interest or talent you would like to share with the school community, but it's not listed below, please reach out to the Parliamentarian or President and let them know how you can help in your own unique way!  PTA fully welcomes new ideas and initiatives!

We're looking to fill these 2023-2024 board positions:
Click on the following link for more information on the positions: Descriptions from CAPTA

  • Vice President -
    Act as a parent, staff, and student liaison, coordinate communication through various mediums. Assist in overseeing PTA events as needed & assume duties in the absence of the President.
  • Financial Secretary -
    Maintain records of revenue & attributes to appropriate program/campaign. Deposits checks and collaborates with the Treasurer.
  • Auditor -
    Reviews bylaws each year and advises on parliamentary procedures. Chairs bylaws committee to review unit Bylaws each year and revise bylaws every 3 years. Chairs nominating committee, providing information on nomination and election process.
  • Parliamentarian -
    Audits financial records to ensure accuracy. Presents written reports on audits to the Board & the Association for adoption.Forwards copies of adopted audits to council/district PTA as indicated in the unit bylaws.

These chair positions are also available (but not limited to):

  • Active Fundraising
  • Assemblies Coordinator
  • Cultural Heritage Week
  • Health & Safety
  • Math Night
  • Membership
  • Movie Night
  • Red Ribbon/Good Choices Week
  • Reflections Art Contest
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Science
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Yearbook

If you have any interest in joining the PTA Board for 2023-2024, have any questions, or want more information, please email our Parliamentarian or President.

Here are some of the activities done by your PTA in 2022-2023 for the students, teachers, school, and the Ardenwood community:PTA Word Cloud  What We ve Done This Year

  • Check out our Events List for another snapshot of this year
  • Video of PTA highlights from 2021-2022

PDF flyer: