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Horner PTSA - Welcome

School Year 2022 – 2023

Dear Horner Families,


On behalf of the PTSA, we would like to welcome everyone back to school. Many of you know that we are a member of the California State PTA. You ask what is PTSA or PTA? PTSA stands for Parents Teachers Students Association and PTA stands for Parent Teachers Association.  Horner is a PTSA body, consisting of parents, teachers, and students working together to support and enrich the lives of all students. We support school staff, help promote students’ self-esteem, and assist in efforts to solve school needs through volunteering and funding.


What is PTSA and Who can be a Member?

PTSA is made up of several Officers and Committee Chairs. Please click here to see the officers list for this year's Horner PTSA. So, who can be a member? If you’re a parent, guardian, family members living with  Horner students, teachers or instructors at Horner, then we would like you to become a member. Please join us and be a part of your child/children’s growth! 


PTSA Programs and Suggested Donations

Our primary objective as a PTSA is to provide our school with funds, programs, resources, and services that will enrich and maximize the education of every child and benefitting our school at the same time. To meet this important objective, we ask for donations. Here are a few programs and endeavors that we sponsor and/or support: Students’ Socials (4), Assemblies, Library Books & Technology Upgrades; 8th Grade Carnival & End of Year Events; Teacher & Staff Appreciation Program; and others throughout the year. Please click here to donate to Horner PTSA.


Become a Volunteer…Why YOU should get Involved!

As you may know, PTSA is a small and busy group. This is where YOU can come in! We need your help and so do your child(ren). A very special thank s to all the volunteers from last school year for all their hard work and dedication. Here at Horner Middle School, we strive for excellence and what better way than to become involved today. We are in need of growth and are seeking volunteers for succession plan ensuring continuous robust Horner PTSA in years to come. PTSA is a team effort in which success is measured when we all lend a hand or two. Please come and join us by signing up for membership. For more information on membership, please reach out to our Vice President, Yung-pei Choy .


Your membership and support in Horner PTSA will strengthen our ability to provide the best learning environment for all our students and encourage parents, guardians, and extended family members’ participation and involvement! Thank you and let’s make this school year memorable for all of us, especially for our Horner Students!



2022-2023 Horner Middle School PTSA