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About Warm Springs PTA

Interested in learning more about PTA?  Please consider learning about the National PTA organization with a FREE online introduction.  Although registration is required (typical questions of email address, choose a password, etc.) it is VERY WORTHWHILE.

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Choose this course:  PTA Basics: Discover PTA’s history, structure, programs, and the issues for which it advocates. (40 min.) 


PTA to Parent Email Lists

Generated and Operated by the Warm Springs PTA

The School-Parent Email Lists help facilitate School/PTA to parent communications.  Examples of appropriate communication are early release reminders, field trip announcements, principal newsletter, PTA news, school related announcements, and communications from FUSD. News relevant to Warm Springs will be sent by authorized moderators. 

  • The Email List is not a discussion group. Communication is outbound only, and members cannot reply to the list.

  • This email list is not subject to spam. The list will NOT be shared with organizations outside of school, other schools, or individuals.  



1.  Open the email account in which you want to receive School/PTA emails. Click compose to begin composing a new email. Copy and paste the appropriate email address below into the "To:" field. Send the email. (No other text is required in the email.)

2. You will receive an email from "Warm Springs Grade X" titled "Join Request for Warm Springs Grade X," where X = 3, 4, 5, or 6. 

3. When you receive this email request to join, simply reply and send without making any changes to the email. Do NOT click the button or link causing you to "Join This Group."


Note: There is no need to re-enroll each year. Instead during the summer, the moderator will move you to the next grade.


Third Grade:
Fourth Grade:
Fifth Grade:
Sixth Grade:

You will receive messages via the email address you used to submit the request.


If you wish to join a classroom specific email list, please contact your classroom teacher or room parent.


If you have any questions, contact Malti Gursahani the Warm Springs PTA Email Moderator, at


We are part of several larger PTA organizations.  Feel free to visit their websites: