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Board & Chair members

Denise Church, President

Jesse Singh, VP – Programs

Niti Bhatia Trimbake, VP -Communications

Tejal Swar, Secretary

Lisa Cho, Treasurer

Vandana Gandhi & Shruthi Kademada, 6th Grade Co-Chairs

Christina Cienega, Membership Chair

Tracy Olsen, MAGIC Chair

Manish & Shipra Asthana, Auditors

Committee Chairs

Amanda A. & Jesse Singh, Wizard Walk Co-Chairs

Parul Sharma, Fundraising Chair

Tracy Olsen, Volunteer Coordinator

Amanda Anguelouch, Traffic Chair

Juvvi Zarifyar, Reflections Chair & Yearbook

Lisa Cho, Warwick Wear

Jesse Singh, Movie Night

Azreena Kumar, Math Olympiad

Yinden Cheng, WebMaster

Avani Ghonge, Teacher Appreciation

Kimberley Marsheck, GATE Inspired Program

We still have several PTA Executive & Committee Chair positions open for the upcoming school year (Historian, Safety Chair, Founder's Day). If you are interested in any OPEN POSITION or if you have any questions, please contact the PTA at