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Board & Chair members


  • Standing President: Niti Bhatia Trimbake

  • VP of Communications: Rohan Marfatia

  • VP of Programs: Denise Church

  • Secretary: Savita Pandey

  • Treasurer: Rohit Kulkarni

  • Parliamentarian: Divya Bellamakonda

  • Membership: Christina Cienega

  • Historian: Shilpa Jain

  • Wizard Walk Chair: Amanda Angelouch

  • Safety Chair: Amanda Angelouch

  • 5th grade Chair Juveria Zarifyar 

  • 6th Grade Committee Parul Sharma and  Co-Chairs: Denise Church

  • Web Master: Erick Chang

  • Yearbook Chair: Juveria Zarifyar 

  • Audit Committee: OPEN

  • Math Olympiad chair: OPEN

  • Gate club chair: OPEN

  • Reflections Chair: OPEN 

There's always room for more helping hands! We are still in need of an Auditor, T Shirt Committee Chair, and 5th Grade Committee. And there will be many more opportunities throughout the year! If you are interested in any OPEN POSITION or if you have any questions, please contact the PTA at