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VOLUNTEERS and Board Members

There is an excellent opportunity to get involved with your student’s school here at Leitch that I wanted to share with you.  The PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) at Leitch has a long history of active involvement and successful support of the school and ALL its students.  Serving on the PTA board is a great way to have a voice in how the school is served, and this involvement provides lasting, strong friendships that make the Warm Springs Community an excellent support system for you and your family for many years to come.

Interested, but have questions?  Please contact:

  • Regina Cuff, Current PTA President, at

2020-2021 James Leitch PTA Board 

*PRESIDENT Regina Cuff -
*1st VICE PRESIDENT/Membership Vacant

*2nd VICE PRESIDENT/Programs

*TREASURER Meghana Parikh - 
*SECRETARY  Anna Casem
*AUDITOR Jane Davaransky -
JL PRINCIPAL Tammy Pachote -
(* Elected positions)  
FS $ Collection JL  
FS Database  
Corporate Matching  
Library - JL  
Copy Angels - JL  
Disaster Preparedness - JL  
Music for Minors II - JL  
Reflections - JL Tamah Vega -
Reflections - JL  
Head Room Parent - JL  
Volunteer Coordinator  
Web Master  
Special Education Chair  
Box Tops Jane Davaransky -



PTA EXECUTIVE BOARD Position Descriptions:

·         PTA President Leads PTA organization for JL.  Attends Fremont Council PTA monthly meetings as unit PTA representative. Prepares agendas and presides at 4 association meetings per year as well as monthly board meetings.

·         PTA Vice President  work with our President and is the primary liaison on the school campus.  Is responsible for the annual membership drive. 

·         Treasurer -- Responsible for PTA finances including managing bank account(s), tracking budgets and paying warrants.  Participates in the fundraising committee.  

·         Secretary In charge of taking notes and publishing minutes for board and association meetings.  Signs all PTA warrants.

·         Financial Secretary Makes and reconciles all bank deposits.

·         Auditor audits PTA financials, twice per year (January & July/August).

·         Parliamentarian Ensures that the PTA follows its by-laws as well as parliamentary procedure.

More detailed descriptions can be found on the California State PTA website: 


Committee Chairs -- Position Descriptions:

·         Membership  In charge of membership drive, including maintaining database and preparing deposit.

  • Fall Fundraiser -- $ Collections collects forms and donation envelopes, records check numbers.  Gives funds to Financial secretary to deposit, and forms to the Database Coordinator.
  • Corporate Matching Coordinator Approves matching requests and receive funds from employers.  Helps research corporate matching processes with employers as needed. Distributes flyers as needed, to encourage corporate matching requests.
  • Escrip Coordinator Key contact for PTA with Escrip, to recruit families to participate and receive funds.  Distributes flyers as needed to encourage Escrip signup.
  • Web Communications Maintains relevant communications for the website.
  • Communications Chair Oversees the maintenance and operation of the school-wide email lists.  Also sets up specific lists (classroom, committees) as needed.  Manages the grade level moderators.  Provides training to moderators (room parents or teachers), helps set policy for appropriate communications.
  • Reflections  Coordinates and manages the contest, from distributing rules and entry forms, to collecting the artwork, and organizing the judging and awards distribution.
  • Music for Minors Coordinates docents who participate in the program.  Main liaison with the Fremont-based organization, and with the school sites.  Manages procurement and maintenance of instruments at both schools.  Leads lesson planning and collects feedback from teachers and staff regarding the program and docent performance.
  • Copy Angel Coordinator Recruits, trains and schedules copy angel volunteers.
  • Disaster Preparedness Coordinator  Works together with principal and site safety committee to inventory and replenish emergency supplies.
  • Head Room Parent  Organizes all of the room parents from every classroom and maintains communication with the group. 
  • Hospitality Coordinates luncheons for staff members.  Plans luncheon, solicits food donations, manages setup and cleanup.
  • Library  Helps organize and run Book Fairs twice a year and helps to recruit regular library volunteers.
  • Tax Preparation files PTA tax returns (Federal & State, as well as any charitable trust paperwork) annually.
  • Special Education Chair will be the parent contact for the school as a liaison to Fremont Council PTA Special Education Committee.