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Donations / Projects

Our PTA always welcomes donations, and encourages Corporate Matching as well.  Please find below the information that is typically asked for when applying for Corporate Matching:

James Leitch PTA

47100 Fernald St.

Fremont, CA  94539

(510) 657-6100

Tax ID # 90-0992286


JL PTA Contact:  Regina Cuff -

Typically the employee must initiate this process.

Your support makes a positive difference in the lives of our children, our schools, and our community

Fall Stampede our Major Fundraiser


Retail partners: Shop Amazon for James Leitch

Click above Link. Clicking this link from the Website, and ONLY from the Website, directs Amazon to pay James Leitch a percentage of your purchase. If you type, bookmark the Amazon URL, or cut and paste the Amazon URL, James Leitch will NOT be paid. 

Purchase your item(s) within 24 hours of clicking the Shop Amazon for James Leitch Link. Only items added to your cart AFTER you click the Shop Amazon for James Leitch link will be credited. (If there were items already in your cart from a previous visit to Amazon not through the Shop Amazon for James Leitch link, James Leitch will not be credited when those items are purchased. You may wish to delete those items from your cart and re-add them in order to credit Leitch.)

After a purchase is made, the Shop Amazon for James Leitch Session is closed. In order to credit your next purchase to James Leitch, you will need to start a new Shop Amazon for James Leitch Session by clicking the Shop Amazon for James Leitch link.

Additional Technical Details (for those who are interested.) When you click the Shop Amazon for James Leitch link a temporary cookie will be set on your browser telling Amazon to pay James Leitch a percentage of that transaction. Unfortunately, other than this cookie (which you can find if you know where to look.), no indication is provided by Amazon indicating the purchase has benefitted James Leitch, but please know that it has benefitted James Leitch and Thank You!

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* James Leitch Elementary is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The Shop Amazon for James Leitch program is administered by the James Leitch PTA for the benefit of James Leitch Elementary. The percentage that Amazon returns to James Leitch varies depending on item and monthly volume. We could probably expect 6 - 7% return on average.

** Like any Amazon purchase, only you and Amazon know what you have purchased. The school and the PTA are not privy to your personal purchases.