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Ardenwood Overview

Dear Ardenwood Elementary School community,

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year!  This school year may be starting the year off virtually, but PTA has been hard at work making sure we are thinking out of the box to make sure students and their families feel included and connected to their school.  In fact, distance learning has made it even more critical to remain engaged and involved in our school community.

Events & Activities

While we won’t be hosting our traditional events, like Harvest Festival and Winter Ball, we will be focusing our energy on supporting teachers, bringing families together, and helping students have a positive experience this year.  We will still have many activities and events, such as the Reflections Art Competition and Red Ribbon Week, they will just be modified to be more virtual than in years past. Some activities we have planned for this year include:

  • Social Distanced Events - sidewalk chalk competitions, Couch to 5K, scavenger hunt, drive-in movie with more activities coming!
  • Virtual Events via Zoom - bedtime stories night, virtual campouts, family fitness nights & more
  • Fundraiser - local business “take out” nights

We welcome you to share your ideas with us! Do you have any suggestions for activities, events, or ways we can support our school community?  Would you like to connect us with resources to help our activities become even more successful?  Would you like to volunteer to lead or assist in an activity this year?  Please email me at to share your thoughts or to volunteer your time or talents.


Ardenwood PTA uses Membership Toolkit for people to join PTA, collect donations and membership dues, and correspond with members.  Joining Membership Toolkit puts you on our mailing list to get regular updates on activities, updates, announcements, and opportunities to get involved.  We will be heavily relying on Membership Toolkit  to communicate with our school community and make sure everyone gets information in a timely manner.  Here’s how to get started:

  1. Visit: PTA Membership Toolkit  
  2. Find directions for how to become a member and make donations
  3. Stay up to date on Facebook


Meetings will be held virtually this year.  We will still meet on the first Tuesday every month with the exception of April, as we delayed a week to accommodate Spring Break. Association meetings are open to everyone, although you must be a registered PTA member to vote on agenda items. As we approach each meeting, we will advertise the agenda, featured speakers/meeting highlights, as well as log-in information.  Association meetings for the 2020-21 school year are September 1, October 6, February 2, April 13, and June 1.


PTA utilizes email, our Membership Toolkit website and Facebook to communicate with families.  The same information is relayed on all platforms as much as possible to cut down on any confusion.

I am confident that our Ardenwood School Community will come together to make sure our students not only survive this school year, but truly thrive.  I look forward to meeting you (albeit virtually!) at our upcoming PTA meeting on September 1 or at one of our many events this year.


Ellen Tillman
Ardenwood PTA President