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Parents, Friends and Family - Shop Amazon for Durham Elementary

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Durham Elementary is a registered Amazon Associate and Amazon will pay Durham 4% to 8.5% of every purchase originated from Durham's Website.

You get the items you want at the same Amazon prices, privacy, and quality service AND Durham earn monies to help our children and our School succeed. It's a win-win!

Please ONLY use the link from the Durham Website (this page you are on) - if you type or use a bookmark Durham Elementary will NOT be paid.

It is easy
1) Click this link - Shop Amazon for Durham
2) Purchase your item(s) within 24 hours of clicking.

Remember: Only items added to your cart AFTER you click will be credited. If there were items already in your cart from a previous visit Durham will not be credited - you can delete those items from your cart and re-add them. The Session is closed after a purchase. In order to credit your next purchase, you will need to start again from Shop Amazon for Durham by clicking the link.

Please tell Special Friends and Family Members to use the Shop Amazon for Durham Link

Any Questions? Please contact Kaye Wagner

PLEASE NOTE: Additional Details
When you click the Shop Amazon for Durham Link or banner originating from this website a temporary cookie will be set on your browser telling Amazon to pay Durham a percentage of that transaction. No indication is provided by Amazon showing the purchase has benefitted the School. Our School is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to The Shop Amazon for Durham program is administered by the PTA for the benefit of Durham Elementary. The percentage that Amazon pays varies depending on items and monthly volume. Privacy - Similar to a regular Amazon purchase, only the purchaser and Amazon know what has been purchased.