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Welcome - Hirsch PTA

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is an organization of parents and teachers. PTA's main goal is to bring parents and teachers together to share thoughts and ideas about programs and activities that benefit children and families. It's not all about fund raising! Our PTA provides information through e-mail, newsletters, family programs, parent meetings and other communication channels.  Won't you join us?  We invite you to come to our meetings, every second Tuesday of the month (check the calendar for the next date) at 6:30pm.  We need your ideas and energy!  Becoming involved is easy and it really makes a difference. If everyone volunteers to help with just ONE activity or program, this year will be a huge success! Please email

We look forward to a successful year with your help.

Stay in touch with the Hirsch community by installing Konstell App on your device.  We will keep you informed on the latest events/information from our school as well as give you a chance to share your own information and/or opinions. We are looking forward to you joining us today!