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Welcome - Mattos PTA

Mattos PTA was first established in 1959.  For 54 years our goal has been the same: to provide our kids with the best possible educational experience along with the best services and programs that we Mattos PTA Logocan provide.

When you join the Mattos PTA you directly support the children.  Your membership helps to provide programs, activities and resources that positively impact the students at Mattos.  As a PTA member, you are encouraged to attend monthly PTA meetings and hear first-hand what's going on at Mattos.  This is an especially valuable opportunity for all of our working parents. It's a way to strengthen your connection to Mattos outside of the school day, but if you can't attend, that is fine too because being a member speaks volumes.  Being a member is a great way to get involved and the only way to use your voice and vote to make a difference.  Who can join? Moms, dads, grandparents, guardians, anyone who wants to support and enrich the students overall experience at Mattos.

Your $10 membership fee goes directly to the students, school and staff.  Mattos PTA uses these dues as well as funds generated throughout the year to pay for school-wide assemblies, Family Science Night, music workshops, playground equipment, an Intern Counselor for students, Science Camp scholarships, supplies for the science lab, the library, the computer lab, and the classrooms.  Be a PTA member and have a voice in your student's elementary experience!  Join now!  

To join or donate go to:

To learn more about upcoming events, visit our Facebook page

We are looking forward to another terrific year at Mattos as we welcome a dynamic team of volunteers in the Science Committee, and the new PTA Board loaded with enthusiastic, positive, energetic volunteers!  We hope you'll join us!  Go Mattos!