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PTA Positions

There are many ways to get involved with the Mattos PTA. Positions are described below. To learn more or volunteer, please contact us at


President – 2 year max, elected position:
The president is the primary contact for Mattos PTA, representing Mattos PTA within the immediate community as well as within the Fremont Council PTA.  The president prepares meeting agendas and presides over all monthly PTA meetings. He/she works closely with the principal, executive board members and chairpersons to set the yearly budget and ensure that goals are set and met.
Executive Vice President – 2 year max, elected position:

The vice president works closely with the president to become familiar with all aspects of the presidency so that he/she can assume the role as needed throughout the term.  Additionally, it is expected that the vice president will assume the presidency following the end of their term.

Secretary – 2 year max, elected position:

The secretary is one of the three officers required for the Executive Board.  The secretary is responsible for attending every monthly PTA meeting, taking minutes, emailing minutes to the Executive Board, keeping an up-to-date roster of all officers, keeping a bound book of meeting minutes, attending any needed training, maintaining bylaws and notifying members of PTA meetings and events. The monthly time needed to devote to this position is about 3 hours per month.

Treasurer – 2 year max, elected position:

The treasurer is the authorized custodian of all funds of the PTA and one of the three officers required for the Executive Board.  The treasurer is responsible for attending every monthly PTA meeting, maintaining an accurate treasurer’s book and checkbook, submitting monthly treasurer reports, working with the Executive Board to develop an annual budget, issuing receipts for all monies received,depositing all monies received into the PTA bank account, complying with all financial deadlines, attending any needed training, handling tax issues and preparing records for an annual audit. The time needed to devote to this position is about 6 hours per month.
Chairman of Fundraising (1st VP):

The Chairman of Fundraising assists Pledge Drive Coordinator and manages any other key fundraising events throughout the year as agreed upon by the executive board.
Chairman of Hospitality (2nd VP):

The Chairman of Hospitality assists with school events that involve refreshments,gifts, flowers or awards.  This individual hosts the following events: Kindergarten Orientation (day schools starts), Back to School Night (September), Founders Day Celebration (February)

Chairman of Volunteers (3rd VP):

This person manages our list of volunteers (using Excel) and contacts them when needed, typically via email.  Work load is heavy the first few months of school, then occasional.

Membership Coordinator:

This individual runs our PTA membership drive from September to November.  They set the membership theme and coordinate the classroom contest. Computer access required to update the membership database.  This volunteer is also responsible for distributing membership cards.

Reflections Coordinator:

PTA Reflections is a national arts recognition and achievement program for students.  Students may submit entries in as many as six art areas: literature, musical composition, photography, visual arts, dance choreography and film production. The task involves distributing Reflections materials and collecting submissions. The program begins in September and runs through early November.

Historian - elected position:

The historian keeps a record of all PTA events/programs and prepares approximately three reports per year to submit to the Fremont Council PTA.  This individual also tracks volunteer hours as needed. 

Parliamentarian - elected position: 

Review and study the unit's bylaws and standing rules annually. No bylaws should be more than two years old.  Be sure the current version of Bylaws is used. Assist the president in preparing for meetings when requested. When requested, advise presiding officer on questions of parliamentary procedure. Parliamentarians do not "rule." Only the president has the power to rule on a question of order. Assist the president by keeping track of the order of those wishing to speak, motions, amendments, voting, etc., during meetings. Make certain each member of the executive board has a current copy of the unit's bylaws and standing rules.  Attend training opportunities for parliamentary procedures and/or bylaw workshops when offered by the California State PTA, PTA district or council.

Fall Festival Coordinator (October): 

This individual organizes the Fall Festival in October.  Manages individuals responsible for various aspects of the festival: dinner, lighting, decorations, prize donations/drawing, game set-up, candy collection, wristband sales and bake sale.

Staff Appreciation Coordinator (May): 

This person or persons, organizes the events for Staff Appreciation Week, including breakfasts, a luncheon and other activities as needed.

 Other positions include:

Sprirtwear Coordinator, Yahoo Group Coordinator, Assemblies Coordinator, Coffee Social Coordinator, Box Tops Coordinator, eScript Coordinator, Mattos Marathon Coordinator, Pumpkin Patch Coordinator.

If any of the above positions are of interest to you, please don't hesitate to contact the PTA President or Executive VP with questions or to express your interest in joining the PTA Board.  Any PTA member is welcome and we LOVE volunteers!!