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Members and Board


President – Sucheta Varute -

Along with the other PTSA officers & chairs, the principal and a teacher representative, the president ensures that the budget meets the goals of the PTSA, directs the officers and chairpersons in compliance with bylaws and budget.  Attends Fremont Council PTA meetings and prepares agendas & presides at PTSA meetings.  President is an advisory member of all committees.  *President is a check signer.


1st VP of Communications/Volunteers – OPEN

Encourage parent participation through volunteering; Market the value and accomplishments of PTA, promotes joining PTA, Work with School administration to keep families aware of PTA and school activities, events and updates by utilizing Schoolloop, announcements; posters, flyers, etc. 


2nd VP of Membership – Rebecca Legates -

Plan/Organize annual membership campaign at Maze Day & Promoting membership throughout the year; Collect dues; and Distribute membership cards.


3rd VP of Fundraising - OPEN

Plan & organize fundraising activities including annual parent donations during Maze Day and other outside donation opportunities, and; Presents reports on proposed fundraising activities at meetings for approval; report on funds collected. (


Secretary – Lisa Knickerbocker -

Records minutes. After the meeting, distributes minutes to a reviewing committee for edits and approval and then filed in record at next meeting.  *This position can be a check signer.


Treasurer – Mrunal Desai –

Maintains bank statements and issues checks for approved expenditures.  Responsible for filing all required government forms including income tax and provides year-end financial report.  *Treasurer is a check signer.


Auditor – Aperna Karra -

Conducts a mid-year and year-end audit of the PTA financials.


Parliamentarian –Shonda Mosby -

Responsible for ensuring PTA bylaws followed and responsible for reviews by-laws and updates them to reflect the actual functioning of the PTA.  Assembles the nomination committee at the February meeting, and works with the nomination committee to solicit nominees to present in a ballot at the April meeting.


Historian – Open

Keeps a record of PTA activities, collects and adds up volunteer hours and showcases its successes by completing and submitting Annual Historian Report Form to Fremont Council at end of school year. (This position can be taken care of by President as they interact most with FCPTA)



Dance Chair - juvvi Zarifyar

Work with leadership to assist with soliciting and securing volunteers to chaperone dance as well as bring food and drinks.


8th Grade Activities – OPEN

Work with other 8th grade parents and Principal to plan the end of the year 8th grade social which includes, securing volunteers, securing DJ, Food & Drinks and setting up games.


Health & Safety – OPEN

Works with the school district and principal to purchase, store and update emergency supplies to provide necessary water, food, shelter and other important safety needs to students and staff in the event of emergency such as an earthquake.  This individual may also be a member of the Traffic Safety Committee which coordinates the Walk & Roll and Golden Sneaker programs.


Hospitality - OPEN

The chair solicits works with Principal to set dates for staff appreciation breakfasts or lunches, primarily at the beginning of the year, in May during Teacher Appreciation Week & at end of year.  The job can include a theme, selecting a menu and/or getting volunteers to help with providing items.  A budget for this position is available. 


Reflections - juvvi Zarifyar

Responsible for PTSA Reflections program.  The job includes promotion of the program and stirring up interest in the school with posters, announcements and working with teachers.  The job also includes processing paperwork with Fremont Council PTA, submitting students work for judging, selecting judges and selecting candidates to proceed through to the Fremont Council judging sessions.