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Mission and Goals


To bring parents, school staff, students and the community together to provide programs and resources that benefit WHS students and families. WHS PTSA will support our members through timely communication, parent education, resources, leadership and advocacy.


  • Strengthen a sense of community and increased parent/staff involvement in the academic and social life of students through:

    • Programs outside of regular meetings that encourage parent/staff interaction

    • Expanded communications

    • Parent-student education programs

    • Volunteer and Networking opportunities

  • Engage parents, teachers and students to be active participants in PTSA:

    • Maintain/Increase membership

    • Increase meeting attendance

    • Reach out to students to help plan and work with programs/events

    • Seek student committee co-chairs

  • Support and celebrate faculty and staff:

    • Continue to offer Teacher Grants as resources allow

    • Maintain a Wish List of donations to the classrooms

    • Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Contribute to a safe and nurturing school community:

    • Work with PTA council on providing safe teen driving assembly/program

    • Help provide volunteers to chaperone and help at school events

    • Promote the arts through Reflections

    • Contribute financially to special projects at school when appropriate.