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Harvey Green OhmConnect Fundraiser

** Reward Program Discontinued **


Harvey Green PTA is participating in a unique fundraiser that is more lucrative than a conventional student organization fundraiser. We have recently developed a partnership with the energy company, Ohmconnect.

  • WHAT is OhmConnect:
    • Ohmconnect is an energy management company that pays users to curb their electricity use during peak hours. Harvey Green earns money for you just signing up for the service! Then, as shown in the graphic above, when families save energy during #Ohmhours (you will receive a text/e-mail notification about when #Ohmhours are), your family will rack up points based on how much energy you save, which convert to cash. This will then be donated to Harvey Green Elementary! In summary, families can earn money for Harvey Green by signing up for the service AND saving energy during #Ohmhours. 
  • What is OhmConnect Fundraiser:
    • We have set up a team account so that Harvey Green can receive extra benefits from Ohmconnect. Every student that signs up will earn $10 for the club. After the initial sign-up, families will get #Ohmhour notifications, personalized suggestions for activities to do during these hours, discounts on smart home devices, and more—all by cutting down electricity, which saves the Earth as well! This year, we want Harvey Green to capitalize on this amazing opportunity.
    • Step 1 – Sign up from this link
    • Step 2 – Connect your utility account (You need your parents’ help for this)
    • Step 3 – Join Harvey Green PTA’s team and cut down electricity when instructed to (not mandatory but highly encouraged!)
  • Important Documents:
  • FAQ
    1) What and when are #Ohm Hours?
    #OhmHours are specific hours during when if families save energy, the school will earn money. #OhmHours are
    somewhat random, but generally occur once or twice a week. Users will be e-mailed before #OhmHours so that
    they are aware if they want to save energy during the time period. There is no penalty in not saving energy during
    these hours. There can only be a benefit.
    2) Why would Ohm Connect offer this program to schools?
    OhmConnect has partnered with the California government. During a #OhmHour, the electricity grid needs power.
    The operators of the grid would usually choose to turn on a power plant. However, if users reduce their electricity
    usage during this time, the power plant can be prevented from turning on. OhmConnect works with PG&E to
    manage these reductions, and in turns gets paid. Part of this payment is transferred to schools.
    3) How can be sure that my utility information is secure?
    For starters, the only purpose that OhmConnect asks for users’ utility credentials is that it can track energy savings,
    which in turn results in the school receiving more money. The only two parties that the information will be
    available to is Ohm Connect and the California Independent System Operator to authorize and confirm energy
    savings. All information goes through an encryption process using AES 256 bit CBC encryption algorithms and is
    stored on physically isolated servers.