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PTA Dollar Rewards Program


How does it work? When you donate your precious time by volunteering at PTA sponsored events, you will receive PTA Dollars that you can redeem for food, game tickets, or Spirit Wear.

Who can receive PTA Dollars?  Anyone who volunteers for at least one hour at a PTA sponsored event.  You do not have to be a PTA member to receive PTA Dollars. The maximum number of PTA Dollars that you can collect within a school year is limited to six.

How much is one PTA Dollar worth? One PTA Dollar is worth one dollar.

What can I redeem with PTA Dollars?

1) You can spend PTA Dollars at PTA events to buy tickets for food, games or raffles.

2) You can collect PTA Dollars to receive discounts on Harvey Green Spirit Wear or gift items.

How long can I use the PTA Dollars? PTA Dollars expire at the end of the school year.