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Room Parents Program

Suggested Responsibilities
Work effectively with your classroom teacher.
Help build friendly relations among parents in the classroom.
Interpret and promote the work of the PTA within the school and community.
Specific Duties (estimated time: 8-10 hours in total)
Develop class roster and distribute it to each family. (September)
Provide teacher with assistance with special classroom event(s) and Fall Festival. (October)
Set up an e-mail distribution for advising parents of school or class activities. (Throughout the year)
Coordinate teacher appreciation activities for Teacher Appreciation Week. (May)
Make every effort to attend PTA meetings and share meeting information with parents. (Monthly)
Acknowledge volunteers with thank you letters or notes. (Throughout the year)
Work with the PTA Room Parent Chairperson. (Throughout the year)
Optional: Coordinate with parents for a small token (cards, gift card, etc.) around the holidays. (December and/or end of school year)
Involve as many parents as possible in PTA and classroom activities. (Throughout the year)