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Forms, Membership & FAQ

We hope you choose to become a PTSA member of the American High School PTSA. Our membership is our main source of funds to provide additional monetary support to the students of American High. In addition we provide scholarships to seniors, grants to teachers, Breakfast to students during STAR testing, hospitality related events to our Staff, Health and Safety supplies for all students, reflections, and other exciting events.


1. What is the AHS PTSA?

PTSA is a non-profit organization that advocates for the betterment of students and teachers at our school.
PTSA members work directly with the school administration to help support the programs and initiatives for


2. Why join AHS PTSA?

When you become a PTSA member, you will be part of the national PTA. You will also be eligible to vote at
PTSA meetings on important school matters and advocate for students. The AHS PTSA has a Yahoo Group that
is available to PTSA members only. All you have to do is check off the box next to YES on the Membership
form located on the reverse side of this sheet.

3. How are membership/fundraising funds used?

PTSA provides the following to students and staff:
 Health and safety for all students (disaster/emergency supplies)
 Healthy breakfast for all the students during spring testing
 Senior scholarships for PTSA student members
 Grad Night for seniors
 Reflections - Arts Recognition Program
 Back to School Breakfast for the entire staff
 Staff Appreciation week
 Grants to AHS staff
 Donations to the library, Career Center and counselors to purchase various materials to support students in the classrooms.
 Parent education workshops
 Campus beautification
 Founders Day Celebration- recognizing parents, students and staff that go beyond the line of duty to make a difference in the school community.
 About 40 % of the membership dues are forwarded to the next levels of PTA since PTA is a National organization

AHS PTSA -> Fremont Council PTA -> Peralta District PTA -> CA PTA -> National PTA


4. What is my role and responsibilities as a member?

You may attend any PTSA association meeting. Your attendance is not mandatory, but members in
attendance can participate and vote on what activities will be offered to students, parents and staff, and how
the funds will be spent.

PTSA Association meetings are held on 1st Thursday of each month in the school library at 7:00 pm. Please
check our website for up-to-date changes on dates.

To become AHS PTSA member, please fill out the form on the reverse side. Make the check payable to AHS

PTSA for $12.00 (per member). Your membership is TAX DEDUCTIBLE – EIN 23-7299953!