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Email to get started


Basic -

Full Help Doc -

Log in - If you have never had an editor School Loop account you will get the email soon from - click on the link and you need to scroll down to the lower right corner of the School page (not District) to the small black button that says School Loop Login to sign in (not the "Staff" link in the upper right - that is for Forms etc. and is not for editing the pages at this point)


On your to Portal page

Regular editor find Minisite



Webmasters use Site Center

site center

AVOID My Website - this is for Secondary with full Classroom SL

my web



To edit the Staff Page at Elementary


For rows you need to hover your mouse in the row you want to change - then right click (alternate mouse button) it will bring up a pop up menu (not in top toolbar menu)  


To make an email address a link you select (click drag the text) the email address - then copy so you have it in the clipboard - then click on the little link icon - then tab to Mail To; then paste the address in there


OR for a new entry delete all the text in a cell - then click in that cell - click on the link icon


tab to Mail To


 then type/paste the email address and submit

Other Things

There are other things I can help with - like grouping links and talking about index/directory pages. Turning on News items for your pages so you can add updates other ways.

Reviewing general publishing strategies:

Frequent Updates (add date to prove it)

Add Images that provide value (not cutesy)
Strong and detailed Headlines (scanned not read)
Short Content
Simple as possible
Friendly conversational tone (not academic/not slang)
Bold important text (not all of it)
No underlined text (links use underline)
and Online Tools



1) For translation - I have some code I can put at the top of your pages that shows this image on a hover - it points out the translation tool

It is a Google pull down menu.


2) No good color coding in the menu or tabs - double check we are talking about the same thing - on the left side is a bunch of Links (aka Tabs) some can be a Page, a Link or even a Minisite (a new group of pages inside the top Minisite) - this is all "sub navigation" for the main Minisite - the issue with this group of items is that if the screen is not wide they collapse into a ≡ hamburger icon/button - or change responsively. You have a bunch of sub navigation links - I would suggest make a Minisite for a group "Staying emotionally healthy" then use the Move button to put those links info the new group/Minisite.


If this is not clear we can go over it on a Meet call next week. You can also think of the links on the side as a group of links on the page - so it you look at this page and the links on the lower right are similar to the sub navigation links - giving the user multiple ways to get to the content. One of my favorite index pages gives a link and then why you want to click on it - this is providing an "informational scent" for the user.


Multiple Sites

The School Loop publishing tool does not let us publish across different schools with ease. Each school is on its own tool, so you have to log in to each of your sites and even have to manage your passwords separately. The publishing approaches are 1) publish on school and link from the other - add some logos to help users recognize both schools 2) have two separate sites - edit on both - more work and new idea 3) have multiple editors work from a non-school site and centralize resources during closure - it would be like some PTAs. An unbranded site that uses School Loop.