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Monthly Updates:

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- Principal's Update   

  October 12, 2021

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  February 8. 2022

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  May 10, 2022

Overview - Parent Teacher Club

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! Please email the PTC at and Katy Carter at with questions you may have regarding membership and volunteer opportunities. More information will soon be communicated.

The PTC's mission is to facilitate excellent communication among parents and teachers and together build one another up for the benefit of these amazing children! The goal of the PTC Contribution Drive is to raise and administer funds that provide enrichment opportunities to MSJE students beyond those provided by the FUSD. The PTC will react to the changing needs of our students and teachers, and focus on creative ways to complement the ever-changing learning environment... And we need your support to do so!

Our Parent Teacher Committee has a rich tradition of successfully supporting the school through volunteering from dedicated parents like you. Please come, join the PTC and get involved to the benefit of your children and their classrooms. Your help and participation will make the MSJE academic and personal growth experience for our little ones that we all want it to be.

There are so many different ways to volunteer and we encourage every parent to find some way to participate, however, it may work best for you and your family. Even if you could give as little as ONE hour of your time per month, it will make a huge difference.

For more information and to find out how to be involved in a way that works for you, please click here.  Additionally, volunteer sign up links will be listed on our PTC website throughout the year.

Please help us continue to make MSJE an amazing experience by giving your time. It will have a huge impact on students’ lives.

Next PTC Meeting Schedule: Every 2nd Wednesday at 7:00 PM

Until further notice, all PTC meetings will be held virtually on Zoom

Please email questions to