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Membership dues are $12 per person.  Please consider adding an additional donation to support our programs.  Join American High PTSA and pay dues online using TOTEM, our electronic membership system.  Or if you prefer, fill out and return our paper membership and donation forms along with your check or cash.

1. Totem

  • FEE: $1.00 per membership (member pays)

  • DONATIONS: Totem charges a convenience fee of 5%.  

    • On a Donation of $100, PTSA receives $95.  

    • Please consider increasing your donation accordingly to cover the fee.

    • Alternatively, you can complete your membership here but donate separately using cash, check or PayPal. (Please see PTSA main Webpage for links.)


2. Cash / Check

  • FEE: $0

  • DONATIONS:  PTSA receives the full amount of donation.

  • Maze Day packet includes PTSA Membership and Donation Forms. 

  • Please bring the filled forms along with CASH or Check (payable to American High PTSA) to the American High School Maze Day (August 11th and 12th, 2021). 

  • Drop off check/cash along with PTSA membership/donation forms enclosed in an envelope addressed to PTSA box at the AHS Office.

  • For clarifications, please email