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How to participate


To participate, please fill the google form below



Please read the Rules of each category before you start your work.

The DUE date  is Oct 15 by 12:00 AM  2022



Q: Who can participate this program?

A: All students (TK to Grade 6) in Warwick are welcome to participate!


Q: How many artworks can one student submit?

A: Every Student can submit 1 artwork each category. 


Q: How the artworks are judged?

A: The judge team is made of teachers, parents whose kids are not participated(for unbiased purpose) and artistic expertise.   All entries are judged on three criteria:

  • ⦁    Interpretation of Theme (40 pts.)
  • ⦁    Creativity (30 pts.) 
  • ⦁    Technique (30 pts.)
  • Notice how heavily “Interpretation of Theme” is weighted? This is what makes the National PTA Reflections Arts Program unique. A well-developed concept is more important than technique. If two entries are tied, the entry with the higher score for interpretation of theme receives more recognition. 


Q: How many artworks will be promoted to the next level?

A: Two artworks per category per grade division will be promoted to the next level.

  Dance Film Literature Music Photography Visual Arts





(Grade 3-5)


Middle School

(Grade 6-8)


Special Artist

(All grades)



More Questions?

please contact Reflections chair at